Invisible Man

Going from youth to a stablished adulthood is really straightforward until you realize the shoes don't fit you quite right away, at least not until you're on the brink of falling to old adulthood. In the meantime you seek, create and review your summer loves trying to scream from the past to reach the present despite you know that there are no sounds there and the messages will only appear to the recipient when they revisit the past. That person will stay right next to you but neither of you will know of each other's presence way after it happened because the past is your common ground and at the same time the eternal tangent at its closest point before  going away.
That may be the reason the moon is associated with love, it has phases and only during certain times it releases a small opening to bewitch whoever passes through, special ocassions to transform and relive treasured moments before the sun erases all and start healing you to go back to the present. 
Now I appear and ask you, why pretending to have moved on when we both dance under the moon. I leave countless messages through the years longing for a chance to break the spell that bounds us to separate realms. Perhaps it's a matter of taboo, of bending the rules to one's advantage to bring chaos and see what will be the outcome no matter the chances because it's always better to numb the pain and die than suffer endlessly without a purpose.
Perhaps old age as a walking book may provide the final answer, to see other love travelers going through the same passages and warn them what lays ahead and perhaps hint them of shortchuts and better paths. Maybe it'd be too optimistic to imagine that, certain things are meant to repeat themselves eternally.

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