At certain moments your heart crumbles, shrinks and starts to refind its true shape... Your north when feelings is the subject. That's when you start a silent search for that love you let go, that non mutual love that crushes hopes but lets imagination run free around your daily life waiting to build excuses, reasons and surprises... That she appears, regrets and your ego confirms you're the best possible for her.
When avoiding ride life your past starts to build walls around you where your eyes don't work but the rest of the senses start to get confused and lose track of time and where your feet stand... Until, just until life breaks in and gives you a couple of moments where it can be seen a series of possible paths to recover through pain and acceptance the flows of people and their feelings.
Flows encounter, miss and see each other. Their paths may be the same and may seem they stay together but that's an illusion made by each of their separate choices, they share goals in their own freedom of action.

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