Between Reason and Love

Trying to overwhelm feelings with pure reasoning about what's convenient to do, and what's not, is a one way ticket to S&M. And I hope you're in the S side when dealing with that.
Human beings tend to think that each thought that they come across is the final true answer to all their prayings (prayings without a God but to a Lady Fortune believing in their efforts until things go wrong). How to deal with a life that has the final revelation every five minutes is an unknown (or)deal.

From my humble point of view we just enjoy stabbing our hearts in the pursuit for happiness... Believing that grabbing a bit more of a regularly improved routine will suffice us finally, despite it doesn't. No good will come out of a reasoned security because lady fortune doesn't take note of your prayers but of uncertainty.

Speaking plainly, I believe that once we meet someone to fall in love with we just block a simple truth: We don't know what's going to happen and that scares the shit out of us.

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