What it means Father's Day

By chance, or not, I happened to find a rare book that may belong still to my dad. It's called "Learning from Las Vegas" by Robert Venturi, this unique book defines my dad's life. A call to review one's life and how to approach to leave a (positive) footprint. No dreams of grandieur but one that appeals to the people's daily life. He's taught me many things for better or for worse. One that is key to know myself are books.
He's learned to appreciate reading them and then leaving them as knowledge has to move on and give space to new words and expressions. 
It's this last experience that marked my childhood over others, he kept them for decades until he left the house when divorcing my mom. He didn't do it on purpose, it was pure instinct I presume. Why you'd ask. He knew that many books were treasures of knowledge that may come in handy to interact with the world in a far more reassuring way than without them. Not because one would avoid mistakes but because we could learn much more with each of them.
I spent many year of my life spending my eyes sight through those books, and with each year some new books appear before me wishing to interact with me as they see me fit to read them now. 
On the other hand my brother is so different from me in that matter, he tried to get rid of them as they occupied space. I was shocked to hear him say that but there was a hidden reason. No open room means no vacant space for new books, which is true and it's important to always remember. But I have my reasons to keep them, one I still feel not mature enough and still in need of learning far more than life has given me so far. The other reason, I want these books to reach my kids one day and feel like I did. Life is a surprise and many voices can reach us from many places while resting on shelves at home. 
That may be the most important gift that I've received and that I may give to my children in the near future.
Happy Father's day.

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