Things you will need when travelling...

...There are some basic material stuff that make your day even if it's a routine day.
I find them innovative every time I use them despite everyone knows them.
First one is the camera... Doesn't matter the type, size or its quality; the idea is that you record it with your eyes the best way possible at that moment.
Second one would be pen and paper... Same thing like before, any size or quality because as long as you can write you'll be able to remind yourself of something, inspiration will stay with you, an echo will remain around to assist in your experience melody.
Third one is a book, a book is the universal invention for humanity... A recorded story either from life or mind but it's a rock in a pond, disturbs the water to create something new. A triad will be built between the written story, your mind and the reality surrounding you.

Take advantage of your life, you are meant to walk the Earth. Enjoy it, build it, be built it by it. 
People will remain forever in your heart and those three things will help you in that road.

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